Two steps forward

New single released by Sea Stacks and choreographed by SALSAROSA. Featuring dancers Elisa Vassena and Robert Keats. Producer/Editor/Director: James Sampson DoP: Dave Makie


  2019 Oops Festival – OH Creative Space, London 2016 Deptford X Fringe Festival – London ‘In its countless alveoli space contains compressed time. That is what space is for.’ (The poetics of space by Gaston… Continue reading

On Air

PERFORMED AT: Vinyl in Deptford, SE8 4PJ London. Winner of Deptford X Fringe Festival 2015. The Job Centre pub in Deptford SE8 4NS London. Part of Abeerdance Festival 2016. Bobeche Vintage shop in Ancona, Italy. Part of… Continue reading


study#1 – November 2014 @ Hangart, Pesaro (Italy) In collaboration with namanamafreeze (Masako Matsushita and Paolo Paggi) Four artists investigate their roots within a globilized society. A journey which, through movement, tells the… Continue reading

Everything was forever, until it was no more

‘A star, a grain of sand, a temple or a ruin – everything is just an idea and a thought that reflects a secret landscape deep in people’s heart.’  (Yao Jui Chung) Performed… Continue reading


Work in progress. New project of research.   Let’s shake it! Let’s all be tourists! And rewrite the puzzle of our habitat, with the only rule of the discomfort. Away from the usual. Away from… Continue reading

Divieto di mossa

Divieto di mossa / Moving ban Work in progress. The hard knocks of a life drawing model. We’ve both extensively worked as life drawing models in the last 3 years. Lots of stuff… Continue reading

In difetto

2013 Presented at Hangartfest 2013 (Pesaro, Italy) and OT301 (2014 , Amsterdam) Composer : Benjamin Hooper Video link :   The duet takes inspiration from the photographic collection The Hidden Mother by Linda… Continue reading