In difetto


Presented at Hangartfest 2013 (Pesaro, Italy) and OT301 (2014 , Amsterdam)

Composer : Benjamin Hooper

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The duet takes inspiration from the photographic collection The Hidden Mother by Linda Fregni Nagler. The series consists of almost 1000 pictures, dated between the 1840s and the 1920s, portraying children held by their mothers, who are unexpectedly but deliberately veiled by a drape or a piece of fabric.

In difetto is a play between two female bodies, mediated by a textile one, and explores concepts concerning the act of seeing, especially in regards to the photographic media: the idea of periphery or priority of view, the referential side effect of photography, the metamorphic/metaphoric potential of translating images into live performance.

Fascinating is the way in which what is ideally chosen to stay at the periphery of the eye, paradoxically ends up being the viewer’s primary interest. These women, hidden but yet still visible, are indeed to become the real focal point of the collection and of our research.

Different bodily states, stillness and rearrangement of form guide the viewer through a liquid journey of transformation, which, hovering between past and present and  trespassing geographical borders, digs in the depictions of what is ‘culturally’ female.


in difetto 4in difetto

in difetto 1in difetto 2

Photos by Augusto Betiula