Everything was forever, until it was no more

A star, a grain of sand, a temple or a ruin –

everything is just an idea and a thought that reflects a secret landscape deep in people’s heart.’

 (Yao Jui Chung)



Performed at Sanatfestivalen 2014 (Norway)  and Hangart (Italy)

In residency @ Dance_B Milano (February 2015)

Sound Editing : Pietro Magnani

Video link : https://vimeo.com/120819791

…’Once there was a king, sitting on an armchair, who said to his servant “tell me a story”, and the servant  began : Once there was a king…  

A story which could uniquely be made of beginnings and endings, or neither of those, and inspired by those places that are left in ruins. Places whose present and future cannot but be the crumbling of their own past. Places which become time and inevitably remind us that the end of something is already written in the seeds of its beginning. Places which, by surviving in pieces to their own death, are the proof that the ‘forever’ really only consists in this succession of beginnings and endings.

In the echo of these non-places, two performers build the space of their activities on possible fragments of eternity. Acting as explorers, they undertake a research on the notion of time and the meaning of eternity. Swinging from one fragment to the next, they create potentially never ending situations, to then cut them and start anew. They juxtapose frenetic activities to moments of statuary stillness, accidental voices to forgotten silences, tableaux which share a common cyclic nature as well as a sense of precariousness. As the time line collapses, there lies embodied the doubt on what is empty or full, silence or voice, still or active, but also the certainty of something already written that ineitably keeps on recurring.





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Photos by Elena Schondorf