On Air



Vinyl in Deptford, SE8 4PJ London. Winner of Deptford X Fringe Festival 2015.

The Job Centre pub in Deptford SE8 4NS London. Part of Abeerdance Festival 2016.

Bobeche Vintage shop in Ancona, Italy. Part of Cinematica Festival 2017.

Celle Frigo, Officina Giovani in Prato, Italy. Part of Prato Estate Festival 2017.


..every time I talk to you, I talk to myself and all that embraces me.. 


On Air is a performed encounter for 2 audience members at a time via two MP3 players.

Linking to the theme of Deptford X Festival, ‘Deptford Conversations’ , the piece is constructed as a live experience of what silently lies under the surface of a conversation and its different levels of interaction: the body talking, the discourse unravelling in the mind, the voice of the surroundings, the voices of Deptford.

In a continuous crossover of recorded overheard dialogues and collateral sounds, we witness a conversation spilling over the fours of us, flooding between the senses of hearing and sight.


IMG_7366b IMG_7418b IMG_7490b IMG_7570b

Photos by Christie Smith

Composer : Davy Berryman

Review by Luis Ignacio Rodriguez: