Who is salsing

We are Elisa Vassena and Stella Papi, two Italian dance artists and performers currently based in London. After training at Laban Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance (2009-2012), we both worked independetly for other artists, such as Janine Harrington, Tino Sehgal, Josiah McElheny, DKHP and Susan Sentler.


The name of our duo refers to the famous pink condiment, a tasty blend of the two well-known ingredients, Ketch’ and Mayo.

In a funny way, it summarizes how we like to perceive our collaborative duet. Simple, easy, not at all pretentious, but that still happily works and is satisfying. A mixture of two separate individualities, which do exist independently from one another but are able to merge to create an intriguing outcome.

How are we salsing

On the genuine belief that nothing has to be wasted, our collaboration takes inspiration from what can be found in our everyday living, in its generous state of constant spring: feeling like tourists in a well-known land, we enjoy putting light on sometimes forgotten matters.

The body and its presence are the printing paper of our research, main tool of experience and communication: baggage of signs and history, it keeps talking about itself, never still, never empty. In addition, there is also a parallel attraction towards objects, another but yet different body of life, our product but also our companion, to be placed side by side to the noisy solitude of the human matter.